Ensuring your existing online content reaches the biggest audience possible

  • Keyword-optimized content that interests your target audience
  • Informative content that directs users to other pages on your site 
  • High quality content that attracts high-authority backlinks
  •  Meta descriptions and title tags that drive clicks from SERPS  
  • SEO analysis of your content and the performance of your web pages

Get all the clicks, links and impressions that your business deserves 

Frustrated your web pages never appear in the search results? Search engine rankings suddenly dropped after performing so well? If so, maybe it's times you hired a certified SEO copywriter to cast a professional eye over your website content and breathe new life into it. 

Optimized websites demand constant attention. Data expires, trends change, architectures get restructured, competitors up their game.  What doesn't change is the need to provide content that customers care about and will help them take the next step in the buyer's journey. But they have to be able to find it first. 

I specialize in creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content that attracts more organic traffic to websites. I understand SEO and know how to write content that’s informative and compelling. So, if your primary goal is to generate targeted traffic via search engines, you've come to the right place. 

Boost your website's visibility with the right content optimization strategies

If your website's existing content is not driving clicks from search engine results pages or attracting backlinks from quality sites relating to your product or industry, it is not going to reach your target audience. That means you're are not going to generate sufficient traffic or leads.

The solution is to use a variety of content optimization strategies to ensure your website content connects with the people you are trying to reach. Some of those strategies are:

  • Adding and strategically placing keywords based on professional keyword research 
  • Ensuring  keywords and meta descriptions of individual pages match the search intent  
  • Analyzing your website and your competitors' websites for content gaps
  • Rewriting content so it is interesting, conversational and audience-focused
  • Checking all links work and are placed intelligently in your body copy 
  • Optimizing your site for local SEO signals such as NAP citations and Google MAP Pack
  • Sending E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) signals to Google

I will use these and other strategies so you can improve the visibility of your content. And, if there is an opportunity to add more content to your site (and it makes business sense to do so ), I can offer you my SEO copywriting service and other content writing services such as blog posts, ebooks and case studies

Rand Fishkin

“On-page SEO is no longer satisfied by raw keyword use. Matching keywords to searcher INTENT is critical.” 

Co-Founder of SEOmoz, CEO of SparkToro and a leader in SEO tools  & resources

Give your audience the exact content they want  

Many businesses think that content optimization is all about slotting the right keywords into their website copy. About optimizing for search engines. However, it is really about optimizing for the needs of your (potential) customers. It's true that finding the search terms that people use when they go hunting for your business is essential for website visibility. But keyword research helps only if you understand the keyword intent of searchers.

In short, you cannot succeed with content optimization without making search intent a big part of your approach. Yes, the other ranking signals like links, user experience (UX) and mobile responsiveness matter too. But if a webpage doesn’t satisfy search intent, it will never rank. That's why I make sure search intent is a key element of your content optimization project.  It gives your target audience the exact content they are looking for. 

What is search intent?

Search intent has to do with the reason why people conduct a specific search. Why are they searching? Are they searching because they have a question and want an answer to that question? Are they searching for a specific website? Or, are they searching because they want to buy something?

                                                                                                                                                                                           Definition by Yoast

Be realistic with your optimization goals (and also a little patient)

It's understandable that you want to see the results of your content's optimization as quickly as possible. However, they won't materialize overnight, I'm afraid. In fact, according to most SEO specialists, it could take six months to a year to see your efforts delivering tangible results, especially if you operate in a competitive market. But why so long, and why is the timing so imprecise? 

First, there are many elements to optimizing website copy. Some can be implemented quickly; some take a little longer. Second, it takes time for search engines to spot your changes and compare your updated content with competing sites. And the timeframe is indefinite because every website is different: factors such as size, history, age, backlinks all play a role. So the best advice is to plan for gradual traffic growth across the site. That way you won't be disappointed.

Is it time to make your website discoverable?

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