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Building brand credibility and generating leads for your business

  • Advice on finding the right topic that will resonate with your target audience  
  • Well-written content that captures your brand voice and projects a professional image
  • Thorough research that expands your topic and enhances your credibility
  • SEO best practices that will help boost your ebook's visibility with search engines
  • Quality ebook writing service delivered every time by a reliable freelance writer

A content marketing strategy that shows you are a brand to be trusted

How do you demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourself from the competition? With a well-written content marketing ebook that visitors can download from your website. This extremely useful marketing tool not only establishes your industry credentials but also makes you more visible to search engine crawlers.

Whether you want to publish a step-by-step guide or reveal essential industry tips that alleviate your target audience's pain point, you want to show you're a brand to be trusted. And the best way to do that is use a quality ebook copywriting service.  

How downloadable ebooks can help you land new customers with ease

When prospective customers visit your website, wouldn’t it be great if they would leave you their contact details before they leave?

Well, they will… but only if you offer an incentive.

And that’s just what an ebook is. A useful, shareable gift that visitors can download in exchange for their name and email address. It’s that simple.

Marketing Bait and Hook

Ebook's Make Great Marketing Bait

Content marketers call ebooks ‘bait pieces’, and it’s easy to see why. These downloadable booklets are great at capturing leads from people that have a genuine interest in your product or service. How many times have you been to a site and left your name and email to get a solution to a thorny problem or an ingenious technique to change the way you do things for the better?

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. 

Compelling marketing reasons for investing in an ebook writing service

Generating strong leads is probably the number one reason companies hire an ebook writer.  A professional - especially one that employs SEO copywriting techniques - can find the best topics for the target audience and knows the best way to write a successful ebook. But alongside generating leads, companies may also want to:

  • promote a new product or service 
  • position the company as a knowledgeable resource
  • offer valuable expertise to their target audience
  • strengthen the brand and demonstrate trustworthiness
  • explain a topic that is too complex for a blog post
  • build a healthy email marketing list that complies with the law
  • encourage subscriptions to a newsletter, publication or webinar
  • help potential customers learn more about the company
  • give the company’s website plenty of link juice (backlinks)

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons for writing and publishing an ebook.  And don’t forget, ebooks have a pretty long shelf-life. They can continue generating leads one or more years after they’ve been published. Compare that to the short lifespan of a PPC ad.

Quick note: We’re talking here about PDF-style ebooks, not EPUB-style ebooks. The latter, used on devices like Kindle, iPad and Nook, are non-editable and reflowable (i.e. line breaks reformat and images resize to fit the reading device’s screen). The PDF format favored by most marketers is not reflowable. However, it’s much easier to produce.

What makes a content marketing ebook such a powerful lead magnet?

Ebooks are so successful because they showcase you as an industry expert. By giving away a little know-how that can’t be found easily elsewhere, you position yourself as a trustworthy provider of your product or service. What’s more, by helping prospects in their research, you’re encouraging them to move one step closer to becoming your next customer.

Ebooks can be used in many ways, which increases their worth. Perhaps its most popular use is as an immediate gift for signing up to a newsletter or blog. But don’t limit yourself to this. Incorporate it as a freebie in a PPC ad or email campaign, add it to you email signature, distribute a printed version at trade shows or presentations, or make it part of a content pack for prospects.


The process of writing a content marketing ebook  

Creating an ebook is more involved than writing a lengthy blog post but generally less labor-intensive that developing a white paper. If you engage me to write an ebook for you, these are the steps taken once the project has been given the green light:

  • 1
    Hold a project meeting: I flesh out some ideas with you and get some background information on your company, product or service and target audience. This can be done on the phone or via Skype to make things as convenient as possible.
  • 2
    Find the right topic: We agree the topic for your ebook. This should be of high interest to your target audience and position you as the go-to provider of your product or service. It should also be narrowly defined and not easily answered by doing a quick Google search. To hit on the right topic, I carry out some research on your behalf.
  • 3
    Gather information: I start collecting all the information I need to write the ebook. That information may come from you directly (your website, brochures, employees, et cetera), by doing desktop research, or by interviewing subject matter experts.
  • 4
    Draft an outline: I draft a rough outline of the ebook’s content and create an effective title and possible subtitle. The title will be clear and specific, and it will communicate a promise to resolve target audience’s problem. Each chapter will be given a working title and a bullet list of contents.
  • 5
    Research keywords: With your help, I draw up a list of keyword phrases that need to be included throughout the ebook. Understanding the language your target audience uses in relation to your product or service is essential to my research here, so if you can tell me the questions your customers often ask, I can create an effective list.
  • 6
    Write the ebook: As soon as you approve the rough outline and list of keywords, I begin writing the ebook itself in accordance with best SEO copywriting practices. The first draft is sent to you for review and comments. I also send you a report of which keywords were used, where and how often.
  • 7
    Carry out a review: I receive your comments and process the revisions. The final draft is sent to you for approval. 

This systematic approach to creating an ebook maximizes your chances of marketing success. You’ll end up with a readable and useful document that people will find on search engines, want to download, and then share with others. 

Helen captured my voice brilliantly. I am amazed at her skill and efficiency with the written word. In the end, I have a high-quality e-book which will provide returns far beyond my investment. If you are serious about your business, contact Helen. She is a true professional and has my highest recommendation.

Nancy Maki Leadership Consultant

Nancy Maki Leadership Consultant

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