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Turning prospects into customers with powerful success stories

  • Well-written case studies that give prospects confidence in your business  
  • Strategic questions that extract from your customer a story worth telling
  • Detailed success stories that accurately portray the benefits of your solutions 
  • Quotes from happy customers that show your stories are definitely not fiction
  • Advice from a professional case study writer on how to leverage your case studies

Prove that your solutions make an impact

There's perhaps nothing more powerful in marketing than a customer success story.  Learning - not from you but a happy customer - that your product or service has benefited another company just like theirs, gives prospects added confidence in your business.

Sure, you can list all the features and benefits of your solutions on your website and in your product brochures. But there's nothing like seeing clear results in a familiar setting  to sway buyers and to eliminate the risk in their minds.    

The importance of case studies to your business 

Business case studies - also known as customer case studies and success stories - are important because they are so effective. Research shows that buyers, especially in technology fields, like their objectivity, coherent descriptions and targeted explanations. They like to read about the genuine experiences of others.

By demonstrating how your solution solves a specific, relatable problem, you're enabling buyers to visualize how your product or service can help their company. The actual, tangible and measurable results you reveal can seal the deal.

Casey Hibbard

Case studies accomplish three key objectives for readers: credibility, education and validation.

The major advantages of publishing case studies

Case studies provide prospects with critical knowledge about how your solutions actually work in real business environments. But, alongside demonstrating real-world successes, they also:

  • answer in one flowing story the many questions that your buyers may have 
  • explain a concept or technology in a memorable and understandable way 
  • strengthen your brand, establish credibility and demonstrate trustworthiness
  • provide third-party validation to aid a buyer's decision-making process 
  • help your target audience learn more about your company and its solutions
  • encourage potential customers to take the next step in the buyer's journey 

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons for writing and publishing business case studies. And don’t forget, case studies can be leveraged in many different ways and places, stretching your content marketing investment even further.

The process of writing a customer case study  

Creating an effective case study relies on step-by-step approach. If you engage me to write a case study for you, these are the steps that I take once the project has been given the green light:

  • 1
    Conduct a discovery phase: I spend time getting to know your products and services and understanding your marketing message. Then I study the customer who is going to be featured in the case study, including the relationship with your company. 
  • 2
    Draw up strategic questions: I develop a list of customized questions to ask your customer. These questions take into consideration not only your solution and why your customer bought it but also your marketing goals and case study preferences. 
  • 3
    Interview your customer: I conduct a 30- to 60-minute interview on the phone or in a virtual meeting to extract as much relevant and specific information as possible. With permission, the interview is recorded to aid note-taking and get some reliable quotes. 
  • 4
    Write a compelling story: I begin writing the case study in accordance with best copywriting practices. The story will include the customer's goals, the challenges they were facing, the solution they bought, and the results of that solution.  
  • 5
    Circulate for feedback & approval: The first draft is sent to you for review and comments. I process your comments and send the revised version to your customer for approval. The final draft is sent to you for design and publication.
  • 6
    Provide marketing guidance: If you wish, I can guide you in how to leverage your case study in sales & marketing and PR. I can also provide additional products that complement the case study and boost your marketing message.

This systematic approach to creating a case study maximizes your chances of marketing success. You’ll end up with a readable and powerful document that convinces people you have a solution worth buying.

Are you ready to start telling the world about your happy customers?

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