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B2B Customer Success Stories: How to Write Captivating Narratives
Customer success stories are a powerful marketing tool, especially for B2B audiences. But how do you make them less dry and more impactful? Here's how.
B2B Case Studies: What 11 Features Make Them Effective?
Telling the world of a happy customer’s experience is a great way to advertise your brand. But there’s an effective and not-so-effective way to go about it. Discover what the effective way is.
Every Good Blog Post Needs These 9 Things
Writing your blog post is only half the job. Before you press that 'publish' button, you need to ask yourself these nine questions. Are you following blogging best practices?
How to Write Press Releases: 11 Best Practices [+ examples]
The best press releases strike a balance between interesting news and commercial intent. Follow these best practices to convince editors your news is worth publishing.
Press Release Format All Editors Want to See [+ free template]
Fuzzy about the correct format of a press release? It pays to use the recommended structure when submitting your news stories for distribution.
The Case for Using Case Studies in Your Content Marketing Strategy
Need to add more spice to your content marketing mix? Case studies are great for demonstrating how your product or service works in practice and for nurturing quality leads.
9 Entirely Logical Reasons to Hire a White Paper Writer
Once you’ve decided to develop a white paper, your next decision is: do you hire a white paper writer or tackle it yourself? Here are nine excellent reasons why the writing of white papers is best left to the professionals.
Ten Tips for Writing Winning Video Scripts (Part 2)
Not sure how to write a winning script for your marketing video? Script writing demands a specific set of skills. Here are 10 handy tips to help you become a more confident script writer.
Hot Tips for Writing Video Scripts That Outshine Your Competitors (Part 1)
Need to write a script for your marketing video and feeling a little intimidated? Check out these tips that show you what to do before you start writing..
The Major Benefits of Internal Linking You’d Be Crazy to Ignore
It's frustrating when you have pages with good content but they're just not ranking. But don't despair. It could all be down to a simple mistake you're making. Discover what it is and how you can fix it.
Fine-tuning Your Content Marketing during the Coronavirus Crisis
During the coronavirus crisis, content marketing may not be one of your priorities. Yet it's an effective way for every business to stay in touch with customers and nurture leads during these extraordinary times. These six marketing insights from experts explain how to adapt.
What’s Best: A White Paper or an Ebook?
There’s a lot of confusion around white papers and ebooks. This article explains the similarities and differences between the two, then follows up with a list of seven questions that helps you decide which of these two marketing tools is best for you at any given time.
10 Critical Features of Successful Marketing Ebooks
Marketing ebooks are great for generating leads and building a healthy email list. But why do some succeed while others flop? Discover what you need to do to create a successful ebook.
12 Powerful Reasons Email Marketing Still Works [updated 2021]
When it comes to marketing to the masses, email is still king of the castle. Discover the latest statistics about email marketing and the reasons your business should put it front and center of your inbound marketing strategy.
Check Your Website’s Performance Easily with Google’s New Search Console
Hooray! Google's decision to restore its per-page keyword data with its new Search Console means we can all see which keywords are driving traffic to our web pages. Learn how to set it up and find the keywords that could deliver much more traffic to your site.
How to Market Your White Paper – 16 Promotional Tactics that Guarantee Success
Not all white papers meet expectations. Often it's down to poor marketing. Make a success of your next white paper with these proven promotional tactics.
7 Compelling Reasons to Publish a White Paper
B2B buyers have relied on white papers for decades to help them make high-ticket purchase decisions. Quite right, too. But there are many more great reasons for developing a white paper.
Don’t use these 8 words on your About Us page
Finding the right words to describe your business culture and values can be tricky. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? A good place to start is knowing which words you shouldn't be using...