Building relationships with your consumers and customers 

Maintaining a blog is a great way to increase the visibility of your business on the Internet and to demonstrate your own expertise to your target audience. But what if you don't have the time or skills to write your company's blog posts or use SEO best practices? 

The answer is to outsource your blogging to a professional content writer. But choose your blog writing service carefully. For best results, you want a writer who can combine search-engine optimization best practices with content marketing knowledge. Look no further...    

Your blog is a powerful marketing tool

Blogs are great for interacting with your target audience without having to ‘make a pitch’. They allow you to reveal your personality, display your expertise, and give useful and interesting information. Not sure if blogging is worth it? These days, buyers expect a company to share some of their knowledge for free, so think of your blog as a valuable resource for customers and prospects. They'll reward you for it.

The benefits of blogging for a business

  • It helps establish authority (by sharing your knowledge and displaying your expertise)
  • It distinguishes you from your competitors (blogging lets your reveal a personality)
  • It helps drive traffic to your site (companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites)
  • It boosts your search engine rankings  (72% of online marketers say it's their most effectic SEO tactic)
  • It helps conversion (57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging)
  • It helps lead generation (B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t)

Statistics quoted above and below come from 'Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics and Facts 2023', an article by OptinMoster, the online conversion experts.


53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority

An SEO blog writing service for businesses

Many business people don’t have the confidence to write for their own blogs. They have the knowledge, and they're keen to share their insights, but they lack the skill to express themselves adequately in writing.

Others simply lack the time to generate ideas and write several hundred words a week. If that sounds like you, consider hiring me - a freelance content writer and an SEO-certified copywriter - to write your blog posts for you.

Choose the blog package that best suits your needs 

I offer companies three different blog writing services, wrapped up as packages. Whichever one you opt for, I will:

  • establish your blog's goal (not all blogs have the same objectives) 
  • identify your target audience (so I know what their pain points are)
  • adopt the style & tone that matches your business personality (to maintain brand identity)

And here's what I will not do when I write your blog posts:

  • use links to unrelated or dubious sites (this misdirects search engines and annoys readers)
  • create thin, low-quality or keyword-stuffed content (which negatively impacts your rankings)
  • use sloppy grammar, bad spelling or inappropriate language (so bad for your image)

Okay, that's good to know. But before we look at what's in these packages, I'd like to explain the approach that I take with my clients when writing blog posts for them.

My approach to creating the best content for your blog

Not all blog writers offer the same type of service or have the same approach, so here's mine:

I write for businesses
Businesses are cottoning on to the fact that article-style blog posts convey much more authority. What's more, the better ones are sometimes used by industry publications, which all helps to boost a company's visibility. And that's my writing style: not the quickie post that's keyword-stuffed, but the long-form, article-based blog post. 

I write long-form, article based blog posts 
The blog posts that I write are more like articles, not blog posts. Confused?  Many are. Truth is, blog posts and articles have merged somewhat over recent years. It used to be that all blog posts were short and full of opinion. They didn't use research, and good grammar and spelling were optional. Not any more. Posts over 1,000 words and even 2,000 words are common, and readers these days expect them to be well-written and well-researched.  

I collaborate with my clients
I see blog writing for businesses as a collaborative process. Don't think it's a case of handing me a title or a topic and then leaving me to it. At the end of the day, you're the expert. I'm just the writer who puts your insights into a readable and engaging format. That doesn't mean I won't be doing any research to supplement the material that you give me. But I need your guidance, and you should be available to answer any questions that I have during the writing process.

My Blog Writing Packages

Blog Polishing Package

(You write the article:
I’ll edit and improve it)

  • Check your article up to 1,200 words for grammar and spelling mistakes, and correct as appropriate
  • Reorganize sentences and paragraphs if necessary to improve readability
  • Remove redundant words (words that don’t add value or meaning and simply make your sentences longer)
  • Check facts and style for consistency
  • Find and attach two relevant photos
  • Check your links work
  • Give suggestions for improvement where necessary, including your headline and pull-out quotes

(no minimum applies)

Blog Cultivating Package

(You give me the outline, links & keywords: I’ll write the article)

  • Turn your notes, thoughts and outlines into a post of between 500 and 750 words
  • Work to your instructions and topics
  • Add a strong, magnetic headline and suitable sub-headings
  • Insert at least two links to credible sources

  • Include the keywords you provide me with

  • Add a call to action
  • Find and attach two relevant photos
  • Include a review round (so you can read the article, give feedback and ask for minor changes before it is posted)

(minimum 4 articles)

Blog Generating Package

(You pick a topic: I’ll write the article from scratch)

  • Write an article of over 1,000 words that is useful and interesting for your target audience

  • Write in line with your editorial calendar and help you generate ideas for your topics
  • Add a strong, magnetic headline, suitable sub-headings and a call to action
  • Research and include primary and secondary keywords and synonyms

  • Insert at least two links to credible sources

  • Find and attach two or more relevant photos

  • Include a review round (so you can read the article, give feedback and ask for minor changes before it is posted)

(minimum 4 articles)  

You’ve done it again: I almost can’t wait to post it, but this blog post is scheduled for later so I'll have to wait two more weeks.
Thank you for making a great and clear story out of a lot of information. I really think it’s an amazing article and more relevant than I thought.

Anouk Pluijm, Marketing & Publicity

Anouk Pluijm

Marketing & Communication, VRR

It worked! The Silverdale Chamber Director read our blog on leadership strategy: As a result, she asked if I would like to do a webinar based on the blog for their ‘We are Kitsap’ series. That’s the kind of reaction we want. So kudos for the most excellent blog refresh!

Nancy Maki Leadership Consultant

Nancy Maki

Leadership Consultant, Open Gate Consulting

What are my blog writing fees?

The cost of each package depends on things like the number of words and the complexity of the topic. I can give you a customized quote upon request, with no further obligation. 

Why a minimum number of articles for the cultivating and generating packages?

Creating quality articles involves quite a bit of research. I need to become familiar with your company and its products & services, and find statistics and other sources to back up what I'm writing. I may even have to interview your in-house experts.

All this takes considerable time, which can't be recouped in one or two blog posts. Your advantage is that you get a writer who makes the effort to get to know your company and product in order to write knowledgeably and consistently on your behalf.

Ask me for a customized quote

Give your business blog a professional kick-start. It's easy. Just contact me at [email protected] and tell me your blogging needs. Even if these packages aren't quite what you're looking for, we can still talk...

Once I have a firm idea of what you want and who your target audience is, I can tell you what the cost is.

Let's get blogging!