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Combining Strategic Copywriting With Engaging Content   

Struggling to write your own website content, email marketing campaigns, brochures and white papers? Looking to promote your brand, generate leads and boost sales? 

As a certified SEO copywriter based in the Jacksonville and St Augustine area of Florida, I specialize in crafting content optimized for humans and search engines. 

Stop struggling, hire me on a freelance basis, and start providing a great user experience.

Helen McCrone SEO Copywriter

Helen McCrone

What’s the Main Focus of Your Business Right Now?


You want to optimize your website for search engines, generate leads and improve the open and clicks rates of your email campaigns.

You want to improve your brand's online visibility and give people a reason to visit your website and read your business blog.


You want to generate strong leads and enhance your credibility with the ultimate opt-in gift: a free, useful, and downloadable  ebook.

You want to develop highly researched documents that position you as a thought leader and a provider of solutions in your industry.


You want to provide website visitors a meaningful and relevant user experience, and create content that reflects your brand's tone of voice.

You want to enter into meaningful conversations via email to give contacts an opportunity to build a relationship with your company.

What do customers really think of your website content, marketing emails and white papers?

If your writing contains spelling and grammar mistakes and you can't structure a good argument, your credibility takes a knock. If you're not using the right keywords to get the right message to the right people, your business suffers from low website traffic. If your content doesn't address your consumers' pain points, you're not going to convert them into customers. 

Customers, prospects and potential investors need to understand what you're selling and why they should buy from you and not your competitor. That requires accurate, engaging and targeted writing, which means investing in a professional SEO copywriter. Preferably one who also understand content marketing.

Hiring a professional SEO copywriter is not a cost but an investment

A search-engine-friendly website attracts more visitors, who can become loyal customers. An effective email campaign converts more leads into customers. A well-written white paper gives your business excellent exposure.  An interesting and relative article encourages people to engage with your business. That represents an excellent return on investment.

When you hire a freelance SEO copywriter, you not only get access to specialist writing skills but also control over your headcount and payroll costs. If you need specialized writing skills only a few times a year, it makes financial sense to buy in those skills on an ad hoc basis.

Not sure which marketing content product to invest in?
Check out these three popular options

White Papers

For those that sell innovative, complex or expensive products, these persuasive, fact-based reports have amazing reach and influence. 

Marketing Ebooks

 Demonstrate your expertise and generate leads with a useful ebook that visitors can download from your website.

Website Content

Your website is a marketing cornerstone, so make sure it attracts visitors and converts them into customers.

Discover How Freelance Copywriters 
Can Help You Succeed at Content Marketing

Is your organization struggling to produce quality content on a regular basis? Could its content creation processes be improved? It's not easy churning out well-researched, well-written content when you have a long list of daily marketing tasks. It's why many writing projects get put on the back burner. But there is a solution: hiring a freelance copywriter. To learn more about outsourcing and how it can help you overcome common obstacles to successful content marketing, read my white paper
'7 Major Benefits Freelance Copywriters Deliver to Content Marketers'

Who can benefit from my SEO copywriting services?

I  work with large international groups, mid-sized companies and small local firms. Typical clients include:

  • Content marketers who need assistance during peak workloads or to supplement in-house skills
  • Business owners who need to convey their vision with punchy, interest-generating content
  • Website developers who want to offer clients keyword-rich content that attracts search engines
  • C-suite executives who want to publish well-researched, well-written thought leadership content
  • Blog owners who want quality articles that engage readers and encourage shares, likes and backlinks

I write for all kinds of industries, from engineering, finance and logistics to technology,  HR and consulting.  Their customers may be consumers (B2C) or they may be businesses (B2B).

Am I an expert in all of these industries? Er, no. But I'm a quick learner, proficient researcher and skilled interviewer, and I do have a solid business and accounting background. That gives me the ability to ask the right questions and perform quality research when writing about even the most challenging of topics.

Just as importantly, I can take a complex subject and break it down into bite-sized pieces that a target audience will understand and engage with. By working closely with subject matter experts, and perhaps even talking to actual customers, I can create content that sounds as if it was written by one of your experts using the language of your customers. 

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What clients are saying about my
copywriting services...

No doubt about it: 5 stars!

"Helen delivers great work, time and time again. She really understands her field of expertise and she makes sure that she understands your field of expertise so that she can write meaningful and effective content your customers would like to read. In short, versatile, accurate and easy to work with. So no doubt, 5 stars!"

Ad van der Wiel, VRR

Ad van der Wiel

VRR Aviation

Her results speak for themselves!

"Copywriting can make or break a website, and Helen McCrone is aware of that in a very special way. She listens, asks pointed questions and then retreats to get the job done.  Her results speak for themselves, and she doesn't hesitate to implement a change or suggestion."

Corey Gaffney

Corey Gaffney

CEO of Gold Square

Client logos of Deloitte, VRR, Alphacomm, Rentokill and Broekman Logistics
Helen McCrone SEO Copywriter and Content Writer

A few words from SEO copywriter Helen McCrone

"My job is not just about writing website content and developing white papers. It's about finding the right words and crafting them in such a way that the right audience gets the right message. Your message.

It's about connecting your business with your customers and stakeholders.

Like all other organizations, yours has to communicate in writing, either on screen or on paper. However, it may lack the in-house skills to do that effectively.

That's where I step in. I'll help you connect with your target audience by creating persuasive promotional copy, readable website content, and shareable marketing content.

Think of me as your business connector."

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