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Creating Content That Tells Your Brand Story 

Want to strengthen your brand but struggling to find the time and expertise to craft compelling content? 

I understand. The constant pressure to deliver marketing communication results can be overwhelming: tight schedules, resource limitations and competing priorities make it challenging to create in-depth B2B content on a consistent basis.

So let me reclaim your time and elevate your company's narrative to new heights.

Helen McCrone SEO Copywriter

Helen McCrone

A stress-free content creation solution for B2B companies

Welcome to Write for Business, where your content challenges become a thing of the past. As a seasoned industrial copywriter, I write high-authority content for companies that develop complex products and services. My specialty is turning complicated subjects into bite-sized information that engages a target audience.

I’ve been writing persuasive promotional copy and shareable marketing content for B2B companies for twenty years, so I understand the unique needs of marketing & communication teams in industries like manufacturing, logistics, construction and technology. Is it time you lifted the burden of creating relevant and compelling content?

Turn your prospects into customers with powerful success stories that showcase your expertise and demonstrate your trustworthiness.

Increase the online visibility of your business and at the same time build relationships with your customers and  consumers.

Build brand credibility and generate leads for your business by  positioning your company as a knowledgeable resource.

Convince B2B buyers you're a market leader with the solution they want by publishing well-written, unbiased, fact-based content.

Complementary writing services

Need a landing page and a video for your customer success stories or an email campaign and press release to promote your white papers? Not a problem. My writing services extend to website and optimized content, brochures and annual reports, press releases and marketing emails, and video scriptwriting.

Discover How Freelance Copywriters 
Can Help You Succeed at Content Marketing

Is your organization struggling to produce quality content on a regular basis? Could its content creation processes be improved? It's not easy churning out well-researched, well-written content when you have a long list of daily marketing tasks. It's why many writing projects get put on the back burner. But there is a solution: hiring a freelance content writer or copywriter. To learn more about outsourcing and how it can help you overcome common obstacles to successful content marketing, read my white paper:

'7 Major Benefits Freelance Copywriters Deliver to Content Marketers'

Why you should choose Write for Business

When you hire a freelance content writer, you’re looking for more than just a wordsmith who turns in content on time and per the brief. You’re looking for someone who can add value to your content marketing mix. Someone who can offer advice, spot cross-linking opportunities, and help you brainstorm content ideas. 

My job is not just about writing case studies or white papers. It's about developing a long-term relationship with you and connecting your business with your customers and stakeholders. Here’s what you get if you choose to work with me:

  • Tailored Content Solutions: Highlighting industry-specific knowledge needs content that is accurate, relevant and understandable. My personalized service ensures that your company's voice and know-how are authentically represented in every piece of content.

  • Regular or Ad Hoc Content Production: Whether it’s a weekly blog post, a monthly case study, or the occasional white paper, I can deliver a flow of content that aligns with your marketing goals and in-house bandwidth and that allows you to stay on track with your content calendar.

  • Consistent Storytelling for Your Brand: Building a series of coherent narratives that help position your brand over time is challenging. I have the skills to transform dry, complex information into compelling content that connects with your target audience.

  • Thought Leadership Development: Establishing your company as an industry thought leader demands insightful and original content. I can help you develop an authoritative voice in the market with thought-provoking articles and informative white papers and ebooks.

  • Reliable Addition to Your Team: I am adaptable, never need hand-holding and always willing to work with a team. Hire me, and you’ll get someone who’ll collaborate with your creatives and offer an outsider’s perspective on your marketing projects.

What clients are saying about my
content writing services...

No doubt about it: 5 stars!

"Helen delivers great work, time and time again. She really understands her field of expertise and she makes sure that she understands your field of expertise so that she can write meaningful and effective content your customers would like to read. In short, versatile, accurate and easy to work with. So no doubt, 5 stars!"

Ad van der Wiel, VRR

Ad van der Wiel

VRR Aviation

Her results speak for themselves!

"Copywriting can make or break a website, and Helen McCrone is aware of that in a very special way. She listens, asks pointed questions and then retreats to get the job done.  Her results speak for themselves, and she doesn't hesitate to implement a change or suggestion."

Corey Gaffney

Corey Gaffney

CEO of Gold Square

Helen McCrone SEO Copywriter and Content Writer

A few words from content writer Helen McCrone

"My job is not just about writing case studies or developing white papers. It's about finding the right words and crafting them in such a way that the right audience gets the right message. Your message. It's about connecting your business with your customers and stakeholders.

Like all other organizations, yours has to communicate in writing, either on screen or on paper. However, it may lack the in-house skills to do that effectively.That's where I step in. I'll help you connect with your target audience by creating persuasive promotional copy, readable website content, and shareable marketing content. Think of me as your business connector."

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