My Copywriter Portfolio 

Curious about my writing ability? Below are some writing samples from my copywriter portfolio. For each project, I adapt the style and tone to the client's requests, the industry norms, and the target audience's expectations.

The final design of each item is arranged by the client. However, like any good copywriter, I can advise on aspects such as layout, readability, and SEO best practices.

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Ebooks & white papers
Blog posts & articles
Website content
Email Marketing & Press Releases
Flyers, Brochures & Sales Letters

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Helen McCrone
Freelance SEO Copywriter & Content Writer

Ebooks & White Papers

Helping companies demonstrate their expertise and stand out from the crowd

Procentec ebook cover

Invaluable Guidance for Engineers  

Discover the blunders that lead to unhealthy industrial networks, engineer call-outs and unnecessary production downtime

Ebook: How to deal with difficult employees

Essential Tips for Managers

Learn how easy it is to assume that the employee displaying unprofessional behavior is the problem, and how much
harder it is to admit that you may also have a part to play.

White Paper Sample by Helen McCrone

Insights for Sales Representatives

Understand that networking is the best way to improve your cold call rate and to land sales appointments when you 're dealing with VPs and CEOs.

Guidance on Cataracts and Surgery

Learn what cataracts are, how they can be treated and what surgery involves. 

Front page of ebook: guide to cataract surgey

Advice about Non-Compete Agreements

Understand what non-compete agreements are, what they contain, and what to consider before signing the dotted line. 

Ebook on Non-Compete Agreements

Blog Posts & Articles

Helping businesses boost their credibility and increase their visibility on the internet

Open Gate Consulting Declutter Your Leadership Strategy 8 steps

Targeting Business Leaders 

Monthly blog posts that give valuable insights to leaders, from front-line supervisors to senior executives.

Client: a leadership coaching company.

Blog post Shipping Electronics in Passenger Planes_ Here’s a Neat Solution

Targeting the Air Cargo Industry

Monthly blog posts that touch on all the pressing issues facing owners and operators of air cargo containers.


Client: a design and engineering firm.

Alphacomm article automated reminder systems

Targeting Mobile Operators, Digital Merchants & Banks 

A series of articles on hot topics in the world of alternative payments and e-banking, from automated reminder systems to eliminating online fraud.

Client: a payment platform provider.

Targeting Executives, HR Officers & Corporate Travel Managers 

A blog post on how to protect your employees when travelling to high-risk areas.

Client: a global risk-management company.

Blog post: Travelling to high-risk areas

Website Content

Creating online content that prospects, customers and search engines will love

Manufacturing Company

Creating fresh content for the company's new responsive website.

Home page for Taylor Day Law Firm

Law Firm

Crafting an inspiring home page that encourages prospective customers to learn more about the firm's legal practices.

Website home page of Alphacomm Solutions

Software Developer

Writing original content to complement the company's new lead generation strategy.  

Architectural Firm

Creating SEO-friendly content to generate more website traffic for a local house designer.

Home Page of McConnell Custom Design Home Page
Website home page of Cremation Society of Washington

Cremation Provider

Writing easy-to-navigate content for a newly created website that targets local families arranging cremations..

Contact page of a local website

Portrait Photographer

Improving the local search visibility of a portrait photographer by updating the website's content, strategically placing keyword phrases and optimizing the user experience. 

English landing page for Dutch green energy supplier

Green Energy Supplier

Creating an English landing page for a Dutch supplier of green energy networks.

Email Marketing & Press Releases

Helping businesses announce their news and improve their inbound marketing 

Email invitation example

Lead Nurturing Emails

Inviting customers, leads and prospects to a virtual event, and reminding them to not miss the event.

Transactional email example Thank you for downloading

Transactional Emails

Thanking leads for downloading gated content and starting a conversation with prospective customers.

Nov 2020 press_release_new_diagnostic_products_aim_high

Press Releases

Announcing in various global publications the launch of several new and innovative products.

Flyers, Brochures & Sales Letters

Using traditional copywriting techniques to promote products and services

Deloitte flyer

Product Flyers for a Big-Four Accounting Firm

Two-page flyers outlining the tax data analytical services of Deloitte Netherlands.

Rentokil brochure

Corporate Brochure for a Maritime Company

An 8-page brochure for Rentokil to hand out at sales presentations and trade fairs.

Cats & Dogs Home Sales Letter

Direct Mail for a Local Charity

A sales letter to appeal for donations for a local cats' and dogs' home.

Product Brochure for an Engineering Firm

A series of brochures for the latest releases of a leading manufacturer in industrial automation. 

Product brochure front page

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