My Copywriter Portfolio 

See the type of projects that I do with these writing samples from my copywriter portfolio. For each project, I adapt the style and tone to the client's requests, the industry norms, and the target audience's expectations. The final design of each item is arranged by the client. However, like any good copywriter, I can advise on aspects such as layout, readability, and SEO best practices.

Helen McCrone
Freelance SEO Copywriter & Content Writer

VRR and the Global Pandemic

Voice-over for a promotional video

Task: To write a script for a short video explaining how a manufacturer in the aviation industry is adapting to the coronavirus crisis.

Target audience: Customers, partners and prospects. The script had to use short sentences, a conversational tone, a good rhythm, and it had to get straight to the point.  

Open Gate Consulting Declutter Your Leadership Strategy 8 steps

Regular blog posts for a training company

Task: To write original, useful and relevant blog posts of around 1,000 words on topics connected to leadership skills. An enthusiastic, friendly and professional style ​is used.

Target audience: Front-line and first-time managers and team leaders in small, medium and/or large companies.

Ebook: How to deal with difficult employees

Ebook for a leadership
skills consultant

Task: To write a lead magnet (i.e. capture sound leads) in the form of an ebook, which may also be used in other situations such as a handout at presentations, workshops and trade fairs.

Target audience: Front line and first-time managers. The topic had to be of high interest to the target audience, narrowly defined and not easily found doing a quick Google search.

Survey Deloitte Mobile Readiness for Work

Nationwide survey on mobile technology

Task: To make the survey conducted by Deloitte and Apple more marketable in its published form and the key messages more powerful to resonate with readers. 

Target audience: Executives, operational managers and leaders of mid-sized and large companies providing employees with digital, mobile technology. 

White Paper Sample by Helen McCrone

White paper for a 
training company

Task: To write a white paper that could be used to showcase market knowledge and generate leads .

Target audience: Corporate sales forces. The aim of the paper was to get the reader to realize that networking is the way to go and that my client is the training firm to get them there. 

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