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See the type of projects that I do with these writing samples from my copywriter portfolio. For each project, I adapt the style and tone to the client's requests, the industry norms, and the target audience's expectations. The final design of each item is arranged by the client. However, like any good copywriter, I can advise on aspects such as the use of bullet lists and pull-out testimonials.

Helen McCrone
Freelance SEO Copywriter 

White paper portfolio sample
How to Find Great Blog Topics

White paper for a 
training company

Task: To write a white paper that could be used to showcase market knowledge and generate leads .

Target audience: Corporate sales forces. The aim of the paper was to get the reader to realize that networking is the way to go and that my client is the training firm to get them there. 

Ebook for a website opt-in

Task: To create downloadable content for a website in the form of an ebook.

Target audience: Small business owners and bloggers. Useful content had to be presented in a readable format to showcase the author's knowledge and encourage readers to share the document. The aim of the opt-in was to help build an email list of website visitors. 

Alphacomm Solutions home page screenshot

Articles for a technology company

Task: To create SEO-friendly, downloadable content for an industry insights web page.

Target audience: Mobile operators, digital merchants & banks offering alternative payment methods and e-banking. Tone had to be enthusiastic, humorous but professional to reflect the client's culture.

Website content for an architect

Task: To create original, SEO-friendly content for the website of a local architect's firm

Target audience: Individuals planning to build their own home. The tone had to be friendly, professional and easily understood by customers (B2C style). Occasional jargon was used for SEO purposes, but it was always supplemented with easy-to-understand terms.

VRR Aviation home screen

Website content for an engineering firm

Task: To write fresh content for the company's new responsive website.

Target audience: Air freight carriers, global logistic providers, airline companies, and aircraft manufacturers.  

Cremation Society of Washington home page

Website content for cremation provider

Task: To write easy-to-navigate content for a newly created website.

Target audience: Local families arranging a cremation for a loved one or individuals arranging their own funeral in advance.

Deloitte flyer

Product flyer for a big-four accounting firm

Task: To create five 2-page flyers of A4 size outlining the tax data analytical services of Deloitte Netherlands.

Target audience: Accountants, financial controllers, tax specialists and non-professionals working in a financial setting. 

Rentokil corporate brochure

Corporate brochure for a maritime service company

Task: To create an 8-page brochure to hand out at sales presentations and trade fairs.

Target audience: Prospective and existing clients, in particular technical and procurement staff (the decision makers) of off-shore rigs and platforms and on-shore installations in the marine sector.

Flyer for Logistics Trade Fair

Marketing flyer for a municipality

Task: To create a two-page flyer for the province of North Brabant, which was attending a logistics fair in China.

Target audience: Foreign companies looking for a logistics hub in Europe and potential investors in the municipality's wide range of logistical services.

Cats & Dogs Home sales letter

Direct sales letter for a local charity

Task: To create a direct sales letter for a cats' and dogs' home in order to appeal for donations.

Target audience: Pet owners, local residents, and local companies.

Broekman Chemicals Flyer

Service flyer for a global logistics group

Task:  To create ten 2-page flyers of letter size for a range of services provided by a logistics company based in the Port of Rotterdam.

Target audience:  Global shipping companies, freight forwarders, users of warehousing & distribution services, and users of parts, steel & special chemical logistics. 

Marketing email for a restaurant cooler

Marketing email for a manufacturer

Task: To write an email that encourages the recipient to visit an exhibit and see their newly launched product. 

Target audience: Independent restaurant owners and owners/managers of family restaurants competing with brand-name chain restaurants.

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