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If you want to grow your business, you need your website content, brochures, sales letters and other marketing products do these three things:

1. Grab the attention of your target audience
2. Stress the benefits of your product or service
3. Encourage the reader to respond in the way you want

That's when good copywriting comes into play. Clear, persuasive content written by a professional copywriter convinces readers your company is trustworthy and your products & services are worth buying.

Yep! Here is where your thoughts become powerful words 

Customers, prospects and potential investors need to understand what you're selling and why they should spend their money on you instead of your competitor. That means publishing accurate, engaging and targeted content. The following types of marketing content are created at Write for Business:


Producing clear, persuasive promotional copy that informs your target audience and calls them to action. Crafting headlines that grab attention and spell out the benefits of your company, products and services. Telling your corporate story. 


Organizing press releases so that they get to the point quickly, catch the attention of editors and follow a standard  format. Using an appropriate style that strikes a balance between interesting news content and persuasive copy. 


Convincing a specific market segment to buy from you in a form of direct, personal communication. Conveying large amounts of information in a livley, engaging and compelling format to help readers overcome every purchasing objection and generate more leads for you.

For effective B2B & B2C copy, you need a copywriter who understands content marketing

At Write for Business, the creation of compelling copy starts with understanding your business and its products:

Your style: do you want to convey trustworthiness and continuity, or do you want to appear trendy and upbeat?

The way you set yourself apart from other similar businesses:  what do you offer that your competitors don't?

The goals of your marketing content: what specific action do you  want readers to take?

Customer personas & keyword phrases

Identifying your target audience and competitors is the next step in creating compelling copy. Who are they? What terms do they use to talk about your product and services? The answers are found by developing customer personas and carrying out keyword research.

Keyword research is particularly important for online content. Knowing your organic rivals and their best long-tail key phrases will help you compete successfully in search engine rankings.

Corporate storytelling

What medium best suits your message and goal? Online or offline, website or brochure, blog posts or marketing email campaign, press release or white paper, direct sales letter or flyer? Make sure your choices suit your sales strategy and buyers' journey.

Whichever marketing medium you choose, you should be prepared to open up an honest conversation with consumers and to tell the corporate story in such an interesting and useful way that people will want to share it.

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