About Write for Business  

SEO Copywriting | St Augustine, Florida

Making Easy Reading
Of Your Marketing Message

What does it take to write copy that sells and content that informs? 

It starts with an engaging writing style and a good understanding of content marketing.

Somewhere in the middle there's targeting a specific audience and getting to know your business.
It ends with the proper use of copywriting techniques and SEO best practices.
And it's all infused with a zest for making the written word totally worth reading.

Approved copywriter
Hubspot marketing email certification

When Helen McCrone founded Write for Business in 2004, she had no idea she would end up writing promotional material for a "Big Four" accounting firm or the world’s leading commercial hygiene services provider. Or that she would need to learn about online cremations, cataract surgery, digital payment systems and chemical warehousing. 

The topics she's written about and the companies she's written for have been as fascinating as her professional journey. Back when she did her copywriting diploma, writing for the web was mentioned only briefly at the end of the course. And content marketing wasn't a familiar concept. Now she's studying for an SEO certification to demonstrate her advanced expertise in a competitive marketplace. 

But one aspect hasn't changed at Write for Business: Delivering a client's marketing message clearly, concisely and convincingly in writing. That has been her mission since day one.  

A Quality Content Writing Service For Quality Results

Strategic SEO copywriting and meaningful content

Combining the skills of a traditional copywriter with those of a contemporary content writer and using SEO best practices to get the best of all worlds.   

Excellent grammar, research and interview skills

Producing well-structured, well-researched content that enhances your credibility and helps your audience understand complex topics in bite-sized pieces.

Collaborative approach & content marketing advice  

Giving you a valuable resource that goes beyond 'just writing' by fitting in with your team and giving you an outsider's perspective of your marketing strategy.  

Customized quote and signed agreement upfront

Defining beforehand the cost, everyone's responsibilities, and what is and isn't in the writing project to avoid communication problems down the line.

Creative brief and regular status updates 

Identifying what your investment needs to achieve and keeping you in the loop, in the communication method you prefer, to head off potential problems early on. 

Continual professional development  

Keeping up to date my knowledge of content marketing and SEO strategies and sharpening my writing skills in various ways to keep them relevant.