Creating widespread coverage for your most important news

  • Concise, well-written press releases that tell your story from an interesting angle
  • Eye-catching headlines and opening paragraphs that encapsulate your news from the start
  • Correct press release structure and appropriate journalistic tone as demanded by editors
  •  Inclusion of interesting, relevant quotations to give your announcements a true-life flavor  
  • Quality content that will earn coverage from journalists and encourage natural links

Translating your newsworthy story into a media-ready statement

The press release is still a relevant part of any organization's communication strategy. From announcing a new product, survey or hire to reporting a merger, sponsorship or event, there's often a valid reason for spreading the word to as many people as possible.

Fortunately, this traditional form of copywriting - which still relies on standard if not stringent press release formatting - has been brought bang up to date by incorporating SEO best practices. That's why it's a good idea to use a professional press release writing service if you want your news to be published, found and read. 

“The average length of a press release
is 686 words.”

Why Hire Me as Your Press Release Writer?

When you hire me, you're getting a direct relationship with a freelance copywriter, not a subscription to an online content creation platform. Your request will not be farmed out to an anonymous writer, whose work you can't assess beforehand.  I will be the one who writes your press release. 

Before you send me your brief,  we'll have a chat to discuss the newsworthy angle of your press release and to make sure that I'm a good fit for your company. And before I start writing, I'll spend time getting to know your business and absorbing your communication style.

You can also be sure that every press release I write for you will include:   

  • Media-ready content that can be submitted immediately to editors
  • Keywords that boosts SEO, and a call to action that encourages a response 
  • Powerful messaging that speaks volumes to your target audience  
  • A fixed fee that includes revisions: there are no credits to buy or a subscription fee to pay

What I do not do is send out press releases on your behalf. There are many good newswires and press release distribution services out there that you can use, and they can distribute news stories much more quickly and efficiently than I ever could.  I'll just stick to what I know!

Give your press releases the media attention they deserve

Press releases are an effective way to get media coverage for your organization, but they have to be done right. They need to be newsworthy and written according to best copywriting practices. And that's why it's worth hiring a professional press release writer.

Whether you want to gain attention for your brand or do some crisis management,  drop me a line today at [email protected]. I'll make sure your press releases are ready for immediate distribution.