B2B Content Calendar Creation Service 

Giving you a clear plan of the marketing content you need to publish

  • Discovering the customer issues that your content is not yet addressing   
  • Getting insights into the biggest challenges of your target audience
  • Developing monthly themes around holidays, product launches, personas, etc.
  • Generating topics and ideas for content assets based on thorough research
  • Presenting a full content calendar that can be used by your whole team 

Helping B2B content marketers meet their goals

Do you and your team feel you spend your days writing content just to “feed the machine”? Would you love to develop a content strategy that helps you build authority and encourage prospects through the sales funnel if only you had the time?

Getting quality content and lacking content strategy are the two biggest challenges facing any B2B content marketer. Even in huge national and global corporations. But there is a solution to both of these problems. It’s called a content calendar. And, yes, you really need one.

Cracking the code to a successful content marketing strategy 

There are many advantages to using a content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar. Perhaps the biggest is that it supports your content marketing strategy. By scheduling all the content you plan to publish on every marketing channel you use, you maximize your chances of meeting your content marketing goals.

But creating a content calendar is time-consuming. It involves auditing your content, checking out the content of your competitors, researching customer questions, developing monthly themes, and generating lots of ideas that are then filtered and refined. There’s a lot to it.

If finding a day or two every three months is simply asking too much of you, or if you’re not sure how to tackle producing a content calendar, there is another option: Hiring out the process. And that’s where I step in. 

Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing 2023 survey

64% of those who say their organization is very or extremely successful with content marketing have a documented content marketing strategy

As a content writer and SEO copywriter, I’ve written content for all types of organizations in all kinds of industries. This has given me not only a solid understanding of content marketing but also an insight into what content marketers go through to produce their content.

Over the years, I’ve brainstormed ideas with clients, done keyword research, and advised on the best content format for their marketing goals. I enjoy acting as a sounding board. But now I go a step further and offer a full content calendar service. 

3 steps to developing a content calendar that actually works

The process of producing quarterly content calendars can be messy and subjective, but I use a system developed and taught by one of the best in the industry: Linda Formichelli. This is what my content planning service involves:

  1. 1
    Prep: I’ll help you decide how much content you can reasonably create in three months. Then I’ll review your brand info, dig up customer questions, and download media kits from industry publications you plan to place content in.
  2. 2
    Study: I’ll audit your content to see what FAQs you haven't addressed. I’ll also assess your target pubs to find opportunities for pitching content and research your competitors' content to discover new opportunities.
  3. 3
    Create: I’ll develop monthly themes around holidays, product launches, personas, etc and brainstorm a list of content topics. Then I’ll turn the best of them into new asset types or ways to repurpose/reoptimize existing assets.

I finish off with a slideshow presentation that contains:

  • An overview of competitor content
  • Editorial details for your top-priority publications
  • Research on challenges and opportunities for your target audience
  • Your audience’s FAQs and how to address them in your content
  • Content topics and ideas relating to the above research

… and a completed content calendar in Excel format.

Are you ready for less stress and better content?

Follow the example of successful B2B content marketers and make a content calendar a key component of your documented content marketing strategy.

Don't let lack of time be your excuse. Hire out the process to a professional instead. Contact me today for more details about this service and for a customized quote.