Creating online written content that search engines and visitors will find and love

Frustrated your web pages never appear in the search results?
If so, you probably need to take a long, hard look at your website content. 

Boost your website's visibility

Is your website's content easy to understand and navigate? Does it give visitors unique value and a reason to return? For a website page to be ranked highly by major search engines like Google, it needs to be useful and search-engine-friendly. It also needs to be well written. That means employing best SEO copywriting practices.

Well-written website content is content that people can find, learn from and then share with others. Take a critical look at your website. Does its content need the specialist care of an SEO copywriter?

What do SEO copywriters do differently?

Writing content for a website or blog is not the same as writing for a brochure, flyer or any other type of off-line publication content. It requires a specific set of skills. An SEO copywriter considers the following aspects when crafting online content:

Crafting landing pages that communicate instantly with the visitor and get them to act

Adding keywords to subheadings that are informative, descriptive and engaging

Producing copy that mixes relevant information, original content and lead generators 

Using related terms to add content relevancy and to enhance user experience 

Understanding the search intent of visitors and putting keyword phrases in strategic places

Creating meta descriptions that tell searchers they’ve found what they’re looking for

Hire me as part of your online marketing efforts

SEO copywriters know how to write content that ranks well with a search engine. They also have a broad understanding of what the technical guys have to do to optimize a website. This makes SEO copywriters a useful member of your marketing team because the techies won’t be tempted to rewrite your well-written content in an ugly way just to make it SEO-friendly.

Arjan Degelink
CEO of Hidden Champion

Helen enjoys co-creation and sharing her knowledge

"Helen McCrone has been adding value to our copywriting agency in Rotterdam since 2012. She has a very professional and businesslike approach to her work. From concept to implementation, she strives always for excellence.

She prepares well for each assignment, is flexible and pragmatic, enjoys co-creation, and is always willing to share her knowledge (which she keeps up to date) with colleagues and customers."

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Want your online written content to be found by search engines?

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