Writing keyword-optimized content that is designed to drive sales

  • Compelling content that converts organic traffic into sales and leads
  • Target audience research to find relevant keywords and topics 
  • SEO content optimization that builds on original, high quality content
  • Meta data that encourages searchers to click through to your website
  • Search-engine-friendly content that people can read, use and share

certified SEO copywriting service that'll help you get the sales and leads you're looking for

Frustrated that visitors to your website aren't converting into prospects and customers quickly enough (or at all)? It could that you're not using the right formulas to convince visitors that your product or service is worth buying. Or it could be that you're trying to optimize your sales copy by inserting too many or the wrong kind of keywords. 

You need the best of both worlds. A copywriter who has studied and refined the art of writing to sell and who knows how to find and use keywords that do not interrupt the natural flow of the sales copy. (That's me.)

SEO Copywriting Certificate with SEO Content Institute

I got my copywriting diploma way back in 2005. However, to develop my specialized SEO copywriting knowledge, I studied in 2020 with the SEO Content Institute. Its Copywriting Certification Course is the only online training that focuses exclusively on SEO content. It was created by Heather Lloyd-Martin, a 20-year industry veteran who was voted the Top Woman in SEO and named by Forbes as the pioneer of SEO copywriting. 

What do SEO copywriters do differently?

Writing digital content is not the same as writing for off-line publication content. It requires a specific set of content optimization skills. An SEO copywriter considers the following aspects when crafting online content:

Crafting landing pages that communicate instantly with the visitor and get them to act

Producing copy that mixes relevant information, original content and lead generators 

Understanding the search intent of visitors and putting keyword phrases in strategic places

Adding keywords to subheadings that are informative, descriptive and engaging

Using related terms to add content relevancy and to enhance user experience 

Creating meta descriptions that tell searchers they have found what they’re looking for

Note that SEO Copywriting is not the same as SEO Content Writing, although the two services do overlap. Unlike SEO Copywriting, whose primary purpose is to convert visitors into customers using copywriting combined with SEO knowledge, the primary goal of SEO Content Writing is to generate organic traffic via search engines. Therefore, content writers may not also be copywriters.  You can learn more about SEO content writing here.

What clients are saying about my SEO copywriting...

Very professional with obvious experience...

Helen added personality and a friendly tone to my entire website. Her initial website analysis, with no further obligation, was spot on and made me realize how much help was required. She provided additional SEO recommendations with direction for placement throughout website.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her SEO copywriting service.

TOM MCCONNELL  //  House designer and owner of McConnell Custom Design

Enjoys co-creation and sharing her knowledge...

Helen McCrone has a very professional and businesslike approach to her work. From concept to implementation, she strives always for excellence. She prepares well for each assignment, is flexible and pragmatic, enjoys co-creation, and is always willing to share her knowledge (which she keeps up to date) with colleagues and customers."

ARJAN DEGELINK  //  CEO of digital marketing agency Hidden Champion

Hire me as part of your conversion optimization efforts

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I know how to write content that appeals to humans and search engines alike. I also know how to develop copy that will motivate your audience to take action, whether that's to make a purchase, click on a link, download an ebook, enroll on a course or ask for a quote.

Boost your search engine rankings by hiring the right copywriter. This is how I can help you make the most of your digital marketing efforts:

  • Find topics that your target audience cares about for your blog, info pages and other marketing content
  • Conduct keyword research to understand customers' search intent and find relevant word combinations
  • Use Google analytics to find under-performing landing pages that have high-ranking potential
  • Weave keywords strategically into new or existing content to make it searchable and readable
  •  Write meta descriptions and titles that will encourage searchers to click through to your site
  • Turn 'thin content' into enjoyable, informative copy that makes Google and your visitors happy

Is it time to improve your conversion rate? I can give your website content the SEO attention it deserves. 

Start converting visitors into customers

Tell me your SEO copywriting needs by emailing me at [email protected] or calling me on 360-525-8277.

Once I have a clear idea of the size and complexity of your project, I can send you a customized quote.