Writing keyword-optimized content that is designed to drive sales

  • Compelling content that converts organic traffic into sales and leads
  • Target audience research to find relevant keywords and topics 
  • SEO content optimization that builds on original, high quality content
  • Meta data that encourages searchers to click through to your website
  • Search-engine-friendly content that people can read, use and share

certified SEO copywriting service that will get you the leads and sales you're looking for

Are you frustrated that not enough prospects are finding your website? Disappointed that visitors aren't converting into leads or customers? Maybe you're not using tried-and-tested copywriting formulas that persuade people to buy. Or maybe you're not adopting best SEO practices to grow your website traffic.  

Of course, it could be the two mistakes combined. If that's the case, what you need is the best of both worlds: A copywriter who has mastered the art of writing to sell and who knows how to optimize content for SEO purposes. In other words, you need a certified SEO copywriter. (That's me.) My services include:

  • SEO copywriting - using best SEO practices to create original content that generates traffic and conversions
  • Keyword research and strategy - finding key phrases most likely to engage your visitors and lead to a sale
  • Content optimization - using proven strategies to improve the visibility of your existing content
  • Scripts and subtitles - writing clear, engaging voice-overs, sub-titles and descriptions for your videos

What do SEO copywriters do differently?

Writing digital content is not the same as writing for off-line publication content. It requires a specific set of content optimization skills. An SEO copywriter considers the following aspects when crafting online content:

Crafting landing pages that communicate instantly with the visitor and get them to act

Producing copy that mixes relevant information, original content and lead generators 

Understanding the search intent of visitors and putting keyword phrases in strategic places

Adding keywords to subheadings that are informative, descriptive and engaging

Using related terms to add content relevancy and to enhance user experience 

Creating meta descriptions that tell searchers they have found what they’re looking for

The primary feature of an SEO copywriting service is to write new content that (1) makes your website visible to search engines and your target audience, and (2) converts website visitors into quality leads and customers.  This can be compared with a content optimization service, which focuses on optimizing existing content to boost your rankings.   

Aim for conversions, not traffic volume

You may target certain keywords because they attract a high volume of searches, but if you can't use them naturally on your webpage, you're wasting your time. Traffic volume shouldn’t be the focus of your content strategy. Business Growth Consultant Adam Audette explains it well, “Today, it’s not about Get the Traffic. It’s about Get the Targeted and Relevant Traffic.”

If you can solve a problem that searchers have by publishing quality content on your website, you are meeting your prospect's needs. Google gets this. Your business may get just 100 hits a month, but if it converts 30% of those hits, it will reward your site with better rankings. Why? Because it shows you understand your market.

On-page local SEO for small businesses

Capturing the attention of local customers on the internet can be extra difficult for small businesses, especially the bricks and mortar kind. Inserting a few well-chosen keywords into a website's content isn't enough to cut through the digitial noise. It requires a specific set of local SEO tactics.

As your SEO copywriter, I'll guide you through the realm of on-page local SEO and help you reap the numerous benefits it offers. By crafting compelling on-page content that seamlessly integrates local SEO strategies, I'll make sure your website appeals to search engines and speaks directly to your local audience.

My local SEO content writing service includes:

  • Local SEO tips (ranking factors, local link buildings, NAP citations, etc)
  • Local content optimization (title tags, headers, meta descriptions, body copy, etc)
  • Local content creation (location & FAQ pages, local events & news, blog posts, etc)
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Hire me as a useful part of your SEO team

As a certified SEO copywriter, I am trained to write content that drives traffic and sales. That's important because converting website visitors into buyers, subscribers or leads is the primary digital marketing goal of your business.  

I also have a broad understanding of technical SEO tactics, like url structures, internal linking and mark-up data. This means your SEO techies won’t have to rewrite the content that I write just to make it SEO-friendly.

Finally, I offer a range of complementary content writing services, from white papers and case studies to email marketing and blog posts. In short, I'd be a very useful addition to your team.

SEO Copywriting Certificate with SEO Content Institute

What clients are saying about my SEO copywriting...

Very professional with obvious experience...

Helen added personality and a friendly tone to my entire website. Her initial website analysis, with no further obligation, was spot on and made me realize how much help was required. She provided additional SEO recommendations with direction for placement throughout website.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her SEO copywriting service.

TOM MCCONNELL  //  House designer and owner of McConnell Custom Design

Enjoys co-creation and sharing her knowledge...

Helen McCrone has a very professional and businesslike approach to her work. From concept to implementation, she strives always for excellence. She prepares well for each assignment, is flexible and pragmatic, enjoys co-creation, and is always willing to share her knowledge (which she keeps up to date) with colleagues and customers."

ARJAN DEGELINK  //  CEO of digital marketing agency Hidden Champion

Ready to improve your rankings and conversions?

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