About Helen McCrone

Freelance B2B Content Writer and Copywriter

"Hi. I'm Helen McCrone"

I'm so glad you found my website. Outsourcing your content writing can be a little daunting. There's a lot to consider, not least whether the freelance writer that you hire is the right fit for your business. To help you with your decision making, let me tell you a little about me and my approach to copywriting.

Helen McCrone SEO Copywriter and Content Writer

I’m a seasoned copywriter who works with B2B companies seeking to strengthen their brand with thought-leadership content. I’ve worked with enterprises such as Deloitte, Haskell and VRR Aviation to craft case studies, ebooks and articles that position them as a knowledgeable resource and generate better leads.

My specialty is turning complicated subjects into bite-sized information that engages a target audience. Thanks to my financial accounting background in manufacturing and retailing, I’m detail-oriented, able to interpret data, and know first-hand how a business like yours operates.

Hire me as your freelance copywriter and I will...

Adapt to your in-house needs

I want my clients to feel at ease working with me, so I'll use your preferred communication methods, give you regular project updates, and meet agreed deadlines. Most importantly, I'm happy to scale up or down my availability to match your content needs.

Understand your overall content goals

Good freelance copywriters can produce quality content from the word go. Even so, the longer I work with you, the better I can spot crosslinking opportunities, avoid duplicate content and maintain your brand's voice throughout. That's why I like to be familiar with your team’s goals and KPIs. 

Be a trusted and valuable resource 

For me, there's nothing more satisfying than helping clients conceptualize their content ideas. I'm not a fan of just writing to task (if I were, you'd find me on a content mill). So, for interested clients, I'm always prepared to offer advice and/or education on any of my specialty areas.

Give you an outsider's perspective 

As a freelancer, I handle a range of projects with various topics, styles and mediums. That variety helps me offer clients new insights or creative ideas. Therefore, if I see an opportunity to repurpose content or add something of value to your content marketing mix, I'll let you know..

At the end of the day, my goal is to provide value to all my clients. I don't want to be just a copywriter who turns in quality content on time and per the brief. I also want to be a trusted and valuable resource that you can turn to whenever you have business writing needs.

Like my approach to content writing? Then head over to my portfolio to check out my writing skills, or explore one or more of my services below. Already done that? Then all you need do is contact me to arrange a discovery consultation. It could be the start of a perfectly "content" relationship.