White Papers

Convincing B2B buyers you're a market leader with a solution

B2B buyers have relied on white papers for many years to shortlist vendors and evaluate choices. Now marketers see the true value of using white papers in content marketing.

Whether you’re targeting consumers at the top, middle or bottom of the sales funnel, a well-written white paper is an essential tool in your marketing tool kit.

Why publish a white paper?

If you sell innovative, complex or expensive products to other businesses, you can profit from issuing white papers. These persuasive, fact-based reports have amazing reach and influence. 

Done right, white papers can help you:

  • get on a supplier's shortlist by supporting the technical evaluation of a new product, service or approach
  • close a sale by letting a prospective buyer compare competing solutions and recommend you as the right vendor
  • draw attention to your company and/or products by presenting a fresh perspective or some quick tips on a hot industry topic
  • boost your competitive advantage by highlighting the flaws of your competitors' solutions and casting doubt on their claims.
  • establish authority by giving C-suite executives a fix to a problem that plagues many companies in your sector

In short, white papers are incredibly effective in building a company's credibility and getting a website noticed by major search engines. That translates into more leads and more sales.

What a white paper is not!

All white papers have one thing in common: they educate their audience by presenting a problem and providing a solution. However, they are not a sales pitch. Yes, they are a remarkable marketing tool for B2B vendors, but there is no appeal to emotions, no puff-speak and no exaggeration.

White papers are factual and informative, so the language must be clear and concise. Benefits must be proven. This doesn’t mean you can’t make your white paper engaging. It's entirely possible to create an interesting and readable document designed to help someone understand an issue, solve a problem or reach a decision.

One of the main reasons a white paper fails is that it oversells. Too much selling irritates the reader and demolishes any authority you were trying to establish.

​White papers are one of the most influential content marketing strategies available.

Ryan Malone
Founder and CEO of SmartBug Media

What I do to develop and write a write paper  

My role is to present my client (your company) as a trusted adviser and respected seller. I do this by appealing to the target audience with logic, not emotion.  This sets apart a white paper from most other types of copy.

The creation process is more challenging than writing a blog post or sales letter. In fact, a whole team can be involved (e.g. writer, designer, subject experts, in-house researchers, reviewers, printer).

But even if it’s just you and me, publishing a white paper needs careful planning, an organized process and enough time.

Organizing a writing project

That's why I offer a White Paper Planning service. Planning a step-by-step process and identifying the contributors and their roles at the start of the project is vital for a successful white paper. Once the planning is done, I will:

  • gather research from your experts and conduct additional desk-top research
  • organize and check all quotes & sources to prove claims made
  • write the report, including an executive summary, buyer’s guide and set of conclusions
  • use a suitable layout and insert footnotes, endnotes or sources into the text
  • process comments from all reviewers and revise the draft for final approval

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