About Helen McCrone

Freelance SEO Copywriter & Content Writer

"Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. I'm Helen McCrone and I'm a copywriter and content writer. My job? To deliver your marketing message clearly, concisely and convincingly, so you can generate more leads and convert prospects into customers.

So, apart from my impressive content and copywriting skills - ahem - why should you work with me? Well, I'm easy to work with. My clients (a mixed bag of website designers, marketers, content strategists and company owners) all have their own business challenges, so I always do my best to fit in with their in-house needs. I also have a background in industry and accounting, which is a boon when writing about topics such as finance, logistics, manufacturing and HR. It means I'll be able to get up to speed with your business PDQ.

Quality Writing Service For Quality Results

I know how important it is for all businesses to maintain good relationships with clients. That's why I deliver quality work on time, each and every every time. After all, the next writing project is never guaranteed. What else can I tell you about my services? 

  • For every project, I always get a signed agreement that spells out everything before I start writing. This defines not only my responsibilities but also yours as the client. By setting out what's included in the project and what isn't, I find it's the best way to avoid all sorts of communication problems down the line.
  • I'll give you status updates during those longer projects because I like keeping clients in the loop. You'll know I haven’t forgotten you and I can head off any problems early on. I can communicate in the method you prefer (email, text, Slack, Skype, Basecamp, Trello, etc.).
  • Last but not least, I try to work with clients who understand that copywriting is an investment, not a cost. A well-written white paper or a website with search-engine-friendly content can generate quality leads, which can eventually turn into loyal customers. So, if you appreciate that paying a reasonable fee for good content is a return on investment, we can work together.

Here's what's important to me...

Working on a Freelance Basis

This is a priority for me. Why? Because it allows me to choose my projects. That makes for great variety, which in turn broadens my skills and experience.

As a freelance copywriter, I can develop close, flexible working relationship with clients and deliver a quality service that you just can't get through content mills. 

I get to know the people and the businesses I write for, which means I can adapt to their different requirements with ease. After all, the better I understand my clients, the better the end result. And that makes everyone happy.

Continuing Professional Development

Delivering a quality copywriting service means keeping up to date my knowledge of content marketing and SEO strategies and sharpening my writing skills in various ways to keep them relevant. 

So, I regularly attend writing boot camps and webinars, read professional books on copywriting, and follow advice from experts such as Neil Patel, Gordon Graham, Ed Gandia, Steve Slaunwhite. Heather Lloyd-Martin, Fish Randkin and Brian Dean.

I'm also a member of The Freelance Writer’s Den, a wonderful a learning & support community for professional writers.

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