Keyword Research

Finding those profit-driving keywords for your business website

Keyword research is essential to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your online content doesn’t contain the terms people are using to search for your products or services, your website won't rank well with Google.  And that means you're missing out on prospective customers.

Effective keyword research finds the phrases most likely to lead to a sale, not simply drive traffic to your website. Marketers call this conversion optimization, and understanding the searchers' intent is fundamental here.

Boost your search engine rankings with keyword research

Make sure prospective customers can find your website by using the same search terms they do. I can produce for you a list of targeted keywords suitable for your market and your website content. To do that, I use a range of online tools, including SECockpit, a powerful keyword intelligence suite highly regarded by professionals.

Long vs. short tail keywords

Understanding the searcher's intent

The first step in researching your keywords starts with you: I ask you a few questions about your product or service and your customers, including their pain points and the topics they’re interested in. 

I also ask about your typical buyers's journey. Your insight ensures I have a good understanding of your target audience and your sales process.

Finding head, body and long-tail keywords that speak to your target audience

My next step is finding those keywords. I concentrate on body keywords (2-3 word phrases) and long-tail keywords (4+ word phrases). Head keywords (single-word terms) aren’t so useful because they’re too competitive and don’t convert well. Neil Patel's graph above shows clearly the relationship between conversion and competition.

Body keywords usually have the right balance between search volume and competitiveness. In other words, they’re not obscure because enough people are using these search terms, but fewer marketers are using these terms in their ads compared to single-word terms.

Long-tail keywords can be the easiest to rank for because they’re the least competitive, but their search volume is typically much lower than body keywords, so your advertising reach is limited. Having said that, visitors who find your website using long-tail keywords may be more likely to make a purchase because they're probably further down the sales funnel.

The elements of on-page and off-page SEO

Understanding the usefulness and limitations of keyword research

Ultimately, the popularity and competitiveness of a keyword will depend on your market and industry. The more competitive it is, the more time and effort you need to put into achieving top rankings. What’s more, keywords alone are not enough to guarantee a good ranking for your website. There are many technical and creative elements to SEO, and these can’t be ignored.

However, keyword research is crucial if you want to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads. It gives you a competitive advantage, and supports your overall search marketing efforts. Without it, your website is invisible.

Which of my keyword research package suits your business needs?


This package gives you up to 10 keyword phrases relevant to your market, website content and target audience.

It’s an ideal first step for a small website (around 5 web pages or fewer). Using the right keywords in your online content will help you attract the right kind of visitors to your website, which gives you a higher chance of converting them into leads and sales.


This package gives you up to 20 keyword phrases, plus data on search volume, keyword difficulty and competitiveness.

You’ll also get an overview of your website’s current position (organic search, backlinks, top organic keywords). The amount of data available to include in the domain analytics report depends on the age, size and popularity of your website.


This package gives you a much longer list of keywords, including long-tail keywords, synonyms and related terms (from 30 up to 70 terms) 

The variety of terms produced in this package is wider, giving you more opportunity to drive traffic to your website. In addition to an overview of your organic position, you'll get a report on the main aspects of your website's SEO perfomance.

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SEO needs keyword research

Want your website pages to rank higher in search engine results?

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The sooner you find those keywords, the sooner you can start driving traffic to your website and blog and generating leads. It's a sound investment.