Copy editing that perfects...

Enhancing corporate images with professionally written letters & documents

Why run the risk of embarrassing mistakes and missing information?  As a copy editor, I will ensure:

          • all grammar & spelling mistakes are eliminated
          • messages are clear, concise and consistent
          • style and tone are appropriate for the reader

My copy editing service guarantee your documents, reports and website pages are fit for purpose. You'll instill confidence in your business partners and show that you care about your customers. Now that makes business sense.

Choose the right editing service for your needs

A well-written letter, report or contract speaks volumes about your business. It says you know what you're doing and that you have a professional approach. It says that you're an authority in your field. The level of professionalism that copy editing delivers has true market worth.

Write for Business offers three levels of editing services, moving from light editing to heavy editing and finally re-writing:


• Grammar, spelling and       punctuation mistakes in your final text are corrected

• Tone or content of your message is left unchanged; corrections are not intrusive

• Suggestions to improve the wording or the flow of sentences can be made

• Facts, fonts and headings are checked for consistency

• Reading level is monitored to make sure it is appropriate for your target audience.


• Helping you get your complete text into its final form, ready for publishing

• Clarifying ambiguous sentences or inconsistent facts (intrusive changes)

• Reorganizing or rephrasing sentences and paragraphs to improve readability

• Removing words that do not add value (redundancy)

• Adjusting the tone to suit the reader, context and publishing material


• Reorganizing and/or rewriting your text, correcting errors along the way

• Making sure your text is a coherent whole and the order is logical

• Ensuring all necessary information is included and unnecessary information is deleted

• Suggesting content, presentation and most appropriate style and tone to use

• Carrying out desk-top research to help expand or explore the content

Rob Vullings
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Industry knowledge, accuracy and commitment

"Helen has supported us in a large number of editing, copywriting and translation projects over the last few years. In every case, Helen applies industry knowledge, accuracy and commitment. A colleague after our own hearts."

Want to boost your business image with professionally written documents?

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Once I have a clear idea of the size and complexity of your project, I can send you a customized quote.

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