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by Helen McCrone, copywriter and copy editor

Every Good Blog Post Needs These 9 Things
Writing your blog post is only half the job. Before you press that 'publish' button, you need to ask yourself these nine questions.
7 Compelling Reasons to Publish a White Paper
B2B buyers have relied on white papers for decades to help them make high-ticket purchase decisions. Quite right, too. But there are many more great reasons for developing a white paper.
Don’t use these 8 words on your About Us page
Finding the right words to describe your business culture and values can be tricky. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? A good place to start is knowing which words you shouldn't be using...
Why Should You Blog for Your Business?
Thinking about starting a blog for your business website? Not convinced the benefits will outweigh the time needed to update it regularly? Here are seven great reasons to get that business blog up and running.
Boost Your Website’s Ranking with the Right Copywriter
Fed up with your website never making it to page one or even two of Google’s search results? The good news is that a copywriter can help your website become more visible. But not all copywriters are made equal.

The Sure-fire Approach to Making Website Visitors Happy
Does your website delight visitors by immediately serving their purpose? Or does it make them leave within seconds because it doesn't give them what they want or need?

How to Reply to a Complaint Letter with Panache
How do you react when you get a complaint? Do you squirm or do you get indignant? Either way, you’ve got to suck it up and compose a reply. But where do you start?

How to Write Emails Like a Pro (6 Easy Ways)
Exasperated by the disorganized, long-winded emails you get from clients and colleagues? Don't know what your action point is? Show them how to write truly professional emails that ensure your message is received loud and clear with these six handy tips.

6 Questions You Need to Answer before Launching Your New Website
Yep, it’s time to update your website. You want it to have a fresh new look. You want to drive traffic to it and then persuade visitors to call you or buy from you. So what's your next step?

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